Field Safety Notices November 2018

We have had a couple of adverse incidents reported while using CAPS II Seating Systems. We have issued two Field Safety Notices (FSN) to help try and prevent such incidents from re-occurring.  Summaries of the two FSNs can be found below, with details in the links provided.

  • CAPS II on Ottobock Discovery Wheelbase – There has been an incident of a finger trap being created due to the placement of the interface tube clamp on the Discovery seat rails. These have been identified as possible issues on interface boards manufactured prior to January 2016. Any interface boards identified with this issue can be easily rectified by re positioning the clamp by sliding the seat board or mounting holes re-drilled in different positions. Alternatively we can replace these boards free of charge. More details can be found here.
  • CAPS II on tilt-in-space wheelbases – There has been an issue of a wheelbase tipping backwards due to user extending following hoisting, and postural support components were not engaged. We recommend that postural support components, such as lap strap etc, are engaged prior to disengaging the sling from the hoist. More details can be found here.

As per MHRA guidelines, we are required to confirm FSN corrective actions. Please fill out the form below to confirm you have received this information and acted as required. The information submitted in this form will be used solely for monitoring field safety corrective actions.